The Art of Living Academy of Performing Arts

Harmony in sound is Music.
Harmony in movement is dance.
Harmony in mind is meditation.
Harmony in life is celebration!
                                          -Sri Sri

The concept of Saraswati, Goddess of learning, is so amazing. If you look at the symbol of Saraswati, there is a musical instrument, a book and a rosary in her hands. Book symbolizes nourishing the left brain, the musical instrument symbolizes nourishing the right brain and rosary symbolizes the meditative aspect. So, knowledge, music and meditation – all three are required to make the education complete.

Life is a fine balance between emotions & intellect. We are either too emotional or too much in intellect. Most of the time we use only the left brain being intellectual and logical. Music brings that balance between the right and left brain. Music heals your emotions.

ALAP – The Art of Living Academy of Performing Arts brings you a unique opportunity to explore and experience this fine balance by learning Music, Dance, Instruments and other forms of performing Arts.
In addition to conducting classes in music and dance, ALAP will also be hosting music seminars, public programs and workshops with eminent performing arts personalities.

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